Sunday, July 9, 2017

Monthly Pregnancy Photos & Life Update

It's been forever since I've posted, and since we've been taking monthly maternity photos, I thought now would be an ideal time.

I am feeling quite large these days, but trying to embrace pregnancy. Honestly, though, it is something that I do not enjoy. The pregnancy symptoms and anxiety that tags along with it are tricky. However,  I am extremely thankful for a healthy baby thus far, and we cannot thank the Lord enough for this gift. Callan's movements, and the way in which Will loves him already, is also something I treasure.

I've been measuring 2 weeks ahead at every appointment because I'm already "stretched out" I guess (ha!). I have 5 weeks till full-term, 6 weeks if he comes as early as Will did and just under 8 weeks if he comes at my due date.

We found out Corey will be leaving for Georgia July 30 through mid-January for a new job with the government. It's unfortunate timing, but we trust the Lord's plan, and we are confident He will provide. And the job is a significant blessing which we are very grateful for. Corey has been waiting on this job for 3 years! He will be a special agent/criminal investigator with the IRS. This job also allows me to transition to part-time with minimal financial change which we do not take for granted as we know this is not the case for many.

I will be induced on September 2 (a day after my due date) if Callan hasn't already arrived. Corey will fly home the morning of Sept 2, and stay until Sept 4. He will also fly home once a month for two days--basically whenever there is a federal holiday. I also plan to drive down to Savannah with my MIL and both boys in October to visit him.

At this point I have grieved the fact that Corey most likely will not be there for the delivery. The anticipation is really the hardest though. We desperately don't want him to leave while also knowing it's inevitable and wanting to start our new routine. I'm trying to enjoy the present, but it's never been a good practice of mine :) I'm focusing on house projects and nesting as distractions. The nursery is done, things are now washed, and the car seat is in the car. I just need to get last minute items (although I have tons of time still!) and pack.

And now for the part that is most interesting...seeing just how crazily big my belly is!

Again, we are deeply grateful for this sweet blessing and continue to pray for Callan's health. Thanks for your prayers and joy with us!