Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Better is One Day

So last night I went to The Gathering at Ada's Cascade campus with my friend Leah. I have come to love these monthly worship services, and since Corey is still out of town for work, I didn't want to spend Valentine's alone. One of the first songs we sang was "Better is One Day." Which struck me because 1. it is an older song and 2. I had just read Psalm 84 as my devotional the day before. Click the link to check out what it reads:

We also sang "It Is Well" which is my favorite song. I think God was trying to get my attention. But what does it really mean, "better is one day in your courts"?

Perhaps the Lord is trying to remind me that nothing else compares to Him, and what else should I desire than the only One who can really lift me up/provide for all my needs?

I need practice in living my life with a focus on God's holiness and provision more this week...


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