Monday, February 20, 2012


Yet another great sermon at Ada on Sunday. Corey and I also had small group last night--which was stellar as usual. We are so grateful for the people God has placed in our lives to continue to guide us on His path. This week my goal is to try and focus on "not rushing". Knowing that I'm such a planner, I like to take things into my own hands. However, I'm not going to rush into figuring out all the details (i.e. house, 5k garage sale, 5k event, job situation) before praying about it. I want to make sure that the details come after consulting with Him. That way when things happen however they do, He can get the glory...not me.

I have to admit, I did do some healthy house planning today :) More of creating schedules since the big details are done. God has already blessed us so far with this house journey, so I want to make the moving process as smooth as possible from my end (I can't slack off, you know). But He will decide how it really should go!

This Saturday we're going to finish packing, taking down our curtains, putting up the old apartment curtains, etc. We're also going to purchase our kitchen appliances! Corey had the day off today (yay for federal holidays), so we checked some out at Best Buy. We also got all our bills transferred today, as well as installation dates/times set. 

Next week my Dad and I will go over items that need to be spackled/dry walled/calked. Then on Friday March 2 we will close, clean, start painting the 1/2 bath (thanks for your willingness, Tara!), and unload some items. There are a million other details typed out for March 2-4, but I'm sure it will go just fine (and you don't really need to read about them). 

Thankfully, we can take our time and have nothing to rush or worry about when we move in 10 days. I especially don't want to make it a big deal, although it will be very busy, because I have conferences that following week (which means getting up at 5am and getting home at 9pm). Did that feel like a run-on sentence? I do that sometimes. Anywho, I'm thankful for the home, the process, my job, the opportunity to meet with parents, my hubby, and the list goes on. It will be all wonderful things! Especially the part where I can sleep in a little on March 10...and yes I'm already planning to sleep in that far in advance (and yes, we know I'm nuts :))

This post seemed quite random. It was more for me to collect my thoughts I guess. And you get a little glimpse into my silly planning brain. But I need to remember: there is NO NEED TO RUSH OR WORRY. I do my part & God does His.

Over and out!


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