Sunday, February 12, 2012


Jeff Manion, our senior teacher pastor at Ada Bible Church, gave an awesome sermon on rest this morning. Now that I'm no longer in school (and we don't have kids yet), I feel like I have a TON more time to explore what it means to rest. Yes I love my lists, but I've actually been adapting more of Corey's laid-back life style since being out of school and only working part-time. Jeff gave some great examples of things he and his wife do, and I love how taking a break with your spouse can be a way to bring two people closer.

I especially love how Jeff focused on "we are not what we achieve". It was a great reminder of my sophomore year at Taylor. It was either the fall or spring semester (when in Dr. Lund's Lifespan class) where I would say to myself, "I am not my grade" every single day. (Literally, every day). I did not find my worth in making others happy anymore, but I was sure trying to please someone through my grades. Don't get me wrong, I know God takes pleasure in my hard-work, and I'm not a poor student, but too much of my self-perception was based on my "aptitude" for school (or just my ability to do well when working hard).

Anyway, I've come a LONG way since then (and obviously have a ton more learning to do), but this message  was such a great reminder about the importance of planning rest and the purpose behind it. I'm big boundary person (not when it comes to talking about poop or bodily functions of course), and so I feel like I've done an okay job with leaving work at work. However, how much of my other time do I waste doing things that still aren't restful? (i.e. exchanging one to-do list for another?) I would encourage you to check out the sermon when it comes out online on Monday or Tuesday this week. Go to It should be on the home page or under "Commitments that Matter: Rest".  If you do end up watching it, I'd love to know what you think :)

Enjoy the sunshine today!

ps Also had a meeting with our team for Ukraine today. (We have a monthly meeting). I'm really loving getting to know the 12 other people...and it makes me more excited to go each time we meet!

pps Here's a link to the sermon video:


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