Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thrift Store Love

Got some great news...

1. Corey is here to stay!
2. I got a cute end table, metal tray and milk crate today
3. I love lists
4. I also got a dresser that I'm going to use as a sideboard
5. Dinner with the Osbeck family at Logans tonight...yum.

Great day so far, right? Heck yes!

My sister-in-law, Tara, and I went to White Barn Thrift Store today. That's where I got this super end table for our family room (Only $20!!). My mom was SO nice and picked it up with my Dad's truck from 28th St today. Gee, I'm grateful for our family.
Here is the metal tray ($4). I'm going to sand it and paint it white. Then I'm going to put it in our master bath with some apothecary jars (filled with cotton balls and Q-tips), lotion, our toothbrushes, etc. on it.  

I'm not exactly sure what to do with the milk crate ($3) yet....Luna likes it. Maybe a spot for her toys? Or buy some jugs to put in it? Do you have any ideas? I need to think about it more.

(oops, too much flash!)

I do not have a picture of the dresser that I'm using as a sideboard. It's brown but needs a fresh coat of paint. It also has a mirror that I'm going to re-work and paint black to put in the basement. The set was only $40 total. I saw some metal wall decor at the same thrift store (Jazzy Junk) I got the sideboard/dresser at that I may or may not purchase to put on either side of the mirror so that's not the only thing on the wall.

We start the closing/painting/moving process in T minus 13 days!!


Tammy said...

I LOVE your choices!!! So so cool! If there is anything I can help with for your move, let me know!

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