Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time to Put the Toys Away

Since we're moving from out apartment to our new house in just under three weeks, I decided to was time to start packing. In case you don't already know, I like to do things way in advance (often times ridiculously too far in advance)...I can't help myself! Anyway, my mom came over yesterday to help wrap items and put them in boxes since she's a superstar at it.

Luna likes to check out all the changes. She's such an adorable cat (yes, I'm one of those people..but no worries, we love dogs too). I threw in a few more pictures of her just because I can. Yes, she is on top of the fridge in the last pic.

Oh and this was the view from out apartment balcony today! The one thing I will miss is the view of Lamberton Lake. I don't think I'll miss the yelling and pot-smell from our vivacious neighbors below.

This blogging thing might help me update my pictures more often! I've been slacking on that a lot lately. And since Corey is still in Cincinnati for work until Friday (he left Jan 30), I get to spend more time visiting with friends. I just had coffee (well, vanilla chair for me) with a gal, and now I'm off to see my lovely Leah!


Leah said...

I think those neighbors are super creepy. I'm glad I'll never have them staring out me while I park again. Wierdos.
I'm excited to see you tonight!

Tara said...

I can't say I've ever tried a vanilla chair :) Haha- sorry, I couldn't resist! It's so cool that you have a blog now and I'm so excited for you to move into your new house!

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