Friday, February 24, 2012

White Out

Not much new to report. Today is mid-winter break, so I do not have to go into work! The only bummer is I've gotten a cold. Rats. I'm hoping it will pass quickly due to the festivities of this weekend. Today I'm going to rest, but I also have to measure the space for our fridge and bake some goodies for a friends birthday party tonight!

Tomorrow will be filled with running (if this silly cold eases up some more), packing, maybe a friend's hockey game & then out for drinks with Corey's brother. He's 21 now! Sunday after church we'll finalize our paint selections and  purchase all our paint. Then off to small group.

Back to work on Monday, and finishing up our final preparations before closing/moving on Friday. We've been so blessed by all the people who are willingly to help us paint and move...I can't wait!

This was a pretty lame update, and I'm sure you really didn't need to know my schedule for the weekend, but there isn't too much else going least nothing I feel up to writing about right now :) Updates on work and pictures of the house will be given later...

ps Luna says "hi". She's been watching the snow fall all morning as she sits on her blanket by our slider window. She's nervous about moving, but I've assured her she'll have even more bathroom sinks to chase her tail around in...she's looking forward to that.

Enjoy the day!


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