Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sneak Peek

The painting is almost complete! There are 3 coats on the former pink bedroom, and there needs to be one more (and even more coats where the brush will go). We ran out of paint for it, so I will finish later this week. 

Here is our laundry room with wet paint and former white color. It's the same silver as the upstairs spare bathroom. I just saw something on pinterest where you spray paint cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby (love that store) to put in the laundry room...I'm definitely doing that this week with maroon paint and "LAUNDRY" letters. 

We just got word that our washer/dryer are coming in the next few weeks! We don't know what color they will be, but we do know that they will be front loaders and only $800 for both (since they were demos). Seriously, if you need a pair we know a guy who can hook you up! Our fabulous realtor recommended him. I'm hoping that they are a different color like red or blue or possibly pewter. 

Pictures of the basement will be coming soon. There a few more pictures I have to hang, and I need to paint a coffee table black. Other than that, we just need a black couch! I'm hoping we can get it in a few weeks. If not, it's no big deal :)  (I mean, it's ridiculous how much we've gotten done in a month. Wow, a month!)

Oh and when it was super wonderful weather last week, Corey and I did some weeding. I even dug out a huge bush/mini overgrown-tree thing (like my lingo?) too. We picked up some mulch today at Lowe's (before I was too tired to do anything else). We're looking forward to getting some tools at garage sales, and re-planting some red tulips and then finding some other goodies to plant. Our yard needs a lot of work...but there's plenty of time for that! And no worries, that small portion of our front yard is cleaned up. (Because I know you were so worried). 

Handsome, isn't he? 
And of course to end it, everyone is dying to see pictures of Luna. (I know you really don't care, but you cared enough to read this far so you'll just have to suffer through these last pictures of our baby). 

Her tail is always going wild
Corey really wants a dog, and I often catch him looking on the classifieds for one :) I would like one, too, just not at the moment. Don't tell Luna, but I bet this fall we'll have one. We shall see!

Hope everyone is staying healthy (I'm getting there) and weekend is going well!

ps I realized I use a lot of parenthesis as my way of having a conversation with myself. Strange? 

Friday, March 30, 2012


I don't mean to be a downer, but I have the flu. It's the second time in three month. Rats.

It came on suddenly after I got my flat tire fixed yesterday (runny nose, achy back, sore throat, cough, vomiting, poo-ing. TMI? :)). I was hoping to finish painting our last two rooms (laundry room and pink bedroom), go thrift shopping with the small group gals, have a fun time celebrating my Dad's 69th birthday tonight (crazy, huh?!), and then hang out with friends I haven't seen since Christmas. Plans have changed.

I'm hoping I can kick this soon, so that no one has to read any more of my complaining posts :) Good news is that it's spring break, so I have all the time to rest. And if I don't get all my to-do items done, at least I know there is only TWO more months left before summer. So life isn't that bad, eh?

Randomly I realized today that I have not gone clothes/shoe/jewelry shopping for myself since December. That's nearly FOUR months, people! Normally I would be proud of myself, but that money has still been spent...on much-needed house stuff :) Anyway, I'm getting the "itch" to run to Target and the mall which is not good...maybe the flu is a good thing.

If you could, please pray for our friends Jeremy and Andrea. They are married and Andrea is donating one of her kidneys to Jeremy on Monday morning! Praise the Lord they are a match--now for everything (like that the kidney will take in Jeremy's body, speedy recovery, etc.) would go just as smoothly. They are two of the most uplifting and obedient people we know. I'm confident God has used them countless times through this trail to reach others--they continually touch us!

Okay, time for the 4th nap of the day (yes, you know I'm sick when I'm napping) least I have Luna to snuggle with. Hope the weather where you are isn't as cold, rainy and icy as it is here!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Going to Town

We've certainly been going to town on the house. Today I  painted our garage door (the one going into our house) brown, so you can't see the dirt :) The door needs more coats though. I also painted the 2nd upstairs bathroom a silver color...unfortunately the pic has poor lighting so the walls appear to be more blue than silver/gray. Just take my word for it!

Furthermore, I was able to to spray paint that tray I got at a thrift store, as well as hang some pictures in the 1/2 bath, tan bedroom, kitchen, & master bath. The only thing left to paint (which will be done next weekend) is the pink bedroom. Yes, of ALL of the rooms we left that one for last...sick. I had absolutely no inkling as to the color I wanted it to be (weird right?), but Corey thought of maroon. I'm thinking more along the lines of Burgundy...or perhaps a little lighter with white bedding and coral accents. That is, down the road of course because we plan to build up our bank account again before getting those extra items.

Tomorrow I'm going to tackle some smaller projects...I have to paint around the doorbell (I just switched the plates), put 1 last coat on the fireplace, spray paint the mirror for downstairs & then pick up my bike and skis from my parents house...finally taking every single piece of mine from their house & moving it where it belongs :) Random note I just thought of: yesterday I programmed our new garage door opener to our garage door. It actually wasn't difficult at all, but I still felt handy...and for some reason I thought you needed to know...

Anyhow, things are moving and shaking! This really feels like home. Have I said that we're thankful? Because we certainly are. For some reason this process has gone so smoothly, and we feel very blessed by it. It is not difficult to choose joy when you're showered with such a dwelling place to call home. Through the messy and fun times we'll praise the Lord, and right now it seems especially pertinent to do that.

I'm excited for this last week of work before spring break. The kids are itching for it, and I am just as much. I'm planning to finish up most of the house projects (besides some bigger purchases that will come later), and read a Nancy Drew book or two...for old times sake. Gotta love that sleuth.

Courtney has a pal over to play video games, so for now it's just Luna and I saying goodnight!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

I know everyone has said it already, but this weather is incredible. It is seriously a gift from God! Corey and I have gone on a walk every night since Sunday. I absolutely love almost forces us to spend time to talk when  it could be easier to greet and then do our own thing. (like blog, go on pinterest, play video games, etc.). We're going to catch up on some Cheers tonight, too, so I'm pumped for that. (Not to mention that I don't have to go to bed until 10pm tonight...woo!)

So here are a few more pictures of the house. Again, still to do but you get the gist. Some rooms that are our last priority are the extra bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Maybe once we get a nice dining room table & washer/dryer I'll take pictures, but this is pretty much it for now! Ya'll will just have to see all the updates in person unless I do something real creative (which isn't likely ;)). And boy, I can't say it enough--we're grateful for this house and how everything worked out. Enjoy the pictures!

Our half bath (without wall decor). There's that milk crate!

Corey with all his friends ;) and our new TV (we lost the power cord to the old one...the only thing we lost in the move. Oops!)

Wall gallery in basement. Need to change the pictures--more of family and less of just us

There will be a black sectional in this spot. (And a red couch in the meantime). Tomorrow I'm going to spray paint the frame of the big mirror that will go on this wall/hang above the couch

I have great plans for this area (i.e. white porch swing, light blue and red pillows, Adirondack chairs, pallet coffee table, new porch light, flowers, etc.)

Our kitchen!

"Together is a wonderful place to be"
(New door coming soon)

Come on over sometime!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Today was a fantastic day. I went for a much needed run, did some errands to get some small items for the house while Jill did a TON of stuff (like paint trim, fix our blinds, clean, etc.), went to Herman's Boy for lunch with my pops, and then Corey and I played volleyball. Volleyball? Yes, volleyball...with old men from the IRS. I was the only female which for some reason was not strange. We seriously played for two hours, and it was so much fun! I felt like I sweated just as much as when I had ran earlier this morning. Although we didn't win each game, our team rocked the communication piece. (Yes, I'm gloating about it). Anywho, it was nice to have a day of work (I'm working MTWR now), and just get some of the little things done. Believe it or not, on Wednesday evening we had everything unpacked! Now time to go room-by-room to make a list of the smaller items to finish. (Only 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom & the laundry room to paint!).

Tomorrow Corey's mom and I are attending a baby shower, then some friends are celebrating Jilly's birthday at our house, and we're ending the evening with a rock band/game night with the small group. Should be a fun-packed day! Looking forward to some rest on Sunday though. Oh and I'll post pictures of our half bath and kitchen that we have our appliances! I guess that's all for now...

Over and out!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Rooms

Per Request, I'm adding some before and after pictures of our bedroom and bathroom. Here is the before...

And a bunch of after pictures! We still need to add curtains, and there needs to be something more around the "hope" frame. We're also putting the chest from my Grandma at the foot of our bed once we get a real coffee table for the living room :)

 This is Corey's dresser. The frame on the left are our wedding vows. The flowers on the right are from our wedding in a pink depression glass that was my Grandma''s sitting on a "Jokes for All Occasions" book I found for Corey at an antique store awhile back. The hanging postcards were all sent to my great grandparents from their friends and family who traveled throughout the U.S. and mom still has a TON, but I picked out a few of my favorites to hang :) 

Do you see Luna in the picture below?

The bathroom is below (sorry for the poor lighting. I forgot to turn the light one, and I'm too lazy to take another picture). I still need to add our towel rack. I want one with a shelf to put pictures/decorations on. I also need to paint that tray for our toothbrush holder and the apothecary jars. Check out that rounded shower curtain my Dad so nicely installed! (My sweet mom cleaned it for us while we were at work...are we spoiled or what?! I'm milking this now, because I know it won't last, lol).

Before of the bathroom...

Here is also a sneak peak of our basement without any decorations/couch.  It's a dark blue--very bold--but I love it! (It's different than the blue in our living room/half bath...that one is duller and a different shade). My brother Kevin bestowed some light installation skills into Corey! (That is, Kevin changed the light while Corey watched and learned).

This is what it looked like before!

And of course, I need to end this post with pictures of Luna. 

Corey's baby. She seriously loves when he hold her like that. I know, we are SO weird!

After we get our appliances on Thursday, I will post pictures of the kitchen. I'm so excited for them! It's funny how you don't realize how much you need things until you don't have them. I'm also planning on baking cookies Thursday/Friday for our close neighbors (7 houses or so) with a cute little note. I'm thinking something like "We just purchased a new stove, and we wanted to share the results :) Hope you meet you soon!" Do you really need to know all these details? No. But it's comforting to me to write my ideas all out (even though you know they are in list saved somewhere else on my laptop). Oh and we have just been so blessed by our family and friends. My mom has made us meals yummy basically every night, and my gracious mother-in-law is also planning to help me finish some projects on Friday, so we'll see what we get accomplished!

Anywho, that's it for now. Hope you are enjoying this AMAZING weather!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Living Room

I have a few updated pictures of the house! It's by no means close to being done, but it's only been a week so what would we expect? The progress we've made (even with dog sitting Sunday night through Thursday) has been super. Luna loves the place too...she's currently running around like a crazy cat with her toys.

Okay, to the living room we go! Keep in mind that it's poor lighting (since we don't have an overhead light...yet). We also are going to put the black end table downstairs, and replace it with another brown chair, but it's there for now. Oh the fireplace needs to be painted some more, we need to put curtains up, and the wall that isn't seen will have a plant by and big clock on it. Courtney is watching a movie in case you're wondering. He seems to like those strange ponchos...

We were planning more of a tan color, but it looks kind of yellow-y...still love it though! This blue color is the same as our half bath. We cannot say it enough: we're SO grateful for this house. We're going to be especially thankful when we get all of our kitchen appliances installed on Thursday...and pictures will ensue :) 

This sideboard was actually a dresser I got from a thrift store (Jazzy Junk) for only $40! It also came with a mirror that I'm going to fix up and paint black and then put in our basement once the walls are painted (i.e. after Monday!)

I also included a couple pictures of some place mats I stamped! You can definitely tell they are hand-made, but maybe that's why I like them so much. (Eat, Relish, Chow, Savor).

The bedroom is almost done, too, but I'll to post those pictures later. Is anyone even interested in seeing those pictures? I feel like it can be a silly thing to post. Anywho, other photos to come as we keep working away!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Painting & Moving

We had so much help this weekend, and we are very thankful for it! Check Facebook for pictures of the house. Below are just a couple cute ones of Luna--she loves the drying rack and Shamrock Shakes. 

All we have left to do is finish a little of the master bedroom and master bathroom painting, move our furniture in that room, paint the basement & unpack more. That's actually a lot, but we got a TON done in the past 2.5 days. We also were showered with thoughtful gifts (cake, wine, cinnamon bread, etc.)...we're so spoiled!

Thank you SO much to everyone who helped to bed for conferences week!