Friday, March 30, 2012


I don't mean to be a downer, but I have the flu. It's the second time in three month. Rats.

It came on suddenly after I got my flat tire fixed yesterday (runny nose, achy back, sore throat, cough, vomiting, poo-ing. TMI? :)). I was hoping to finish painting our last two rooms (laundry room and pink bedroom), go thrift shopping with the small group gals, have a fun time celebrating my Dad's 69th birthday tonight (crazy, huh?!), and then hang out with friends I haven't seen since Christmas. Plans have changed.

I'm hoping I can kick this soon, so that no one has to read any more of my complaining posts :) Good news is that it's spring break, so I have all the time to rest. And if I don't get all my to-do items done, at least I know there is only TWO more months left before summer. So life isn't that bad, eh?

Randomly I realized today that I have not gone clothes/shoe/jewelry shopping for myself since December. That's nearly FOUR months, people! Normally I would be proud of myself, but that money has still been spent...on much-needed house stuff :) Anyway, I'm getting the "itch" to run to Target and the mall which is not good...maybe the flu is a good thing.

If you could, please pray for our friends Jeremy and Andrea. They are married and Andrea is donating one of her kidneys to Jeremy on Monday morning! Praise the Lord they are a match--now for everything (like that the kidney will take in Jeremy's body, speedy recovery, etc.) would go just as smoothly. They are two of the most uplifting and obedient people we know. I'm confident God has used them countless times through this trail to reach others--they continually touch us!

Okay, time for the 4th nap of the day (yes, you know I'm sick when I'm napping) least I have Luna to snuggle with. Hope the weather where you are isn't as cold, rainy and icy as it is here!


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