Saturday, March 24, 2012

Going to Town

We've certainly been going to town on the house. Today I  painted our garage door (the one going into our house) brown, so you can't see the dirt :) The door needs more coats though. I also painted the 2nd upstairs bathroom a silver color...unfortunately the pic has poor lighting so the walls appear to be more blue than silver/gray. Just take my word for it!

Furthermore, I was able to to spray paint that tray I got at a thrift store, as well as hang some pictures in the 1/2 bath, tan bedroom, kitchen, & master bath. The only thing left to paint (which will be done next weekend) is the pink bedroom. Yes, of ALL of the rooms we left that one for last...sick. I had absolutely no inkling as to the color I wanted it to be (weird right?), but Corey thought of maroon. I'm thinking more along the lines of Burgundy...or perhaps a little lighter with white bedding and coral accents. That is, down the road of course because we plan to build up our bank account again before getting those extra items.

Tomorrow I'm going to tackle some smaller projects...I have to paint around the doorbell (I just switched the plates), put 1 last coat on the fireplace, spray paint the mirror for downstairs & then pick up my bike and skis from my parents house...finally taking every single piece of mine from their house & moving it where it belongs :) Random note I just thought of: yesterday I programmed our new garage door opener to our garage door. It actually wasn't difficult at all, but I still felt handy...and for some reason I thought you needed to know...

Anyhow, things are moving and shaking! This really feels like home. Have I said that we're thankful? Because we certainly are. For some reason this process has gone so smoothly, and we feel very blessed by it. It is not difficult to choose joy when you're showered with such a dwelling place to call home. Through the messy and fun times we'll praise the Lord, and right now it seems especially pertinent to do that.

I'm excited for this last week of work before spring break. The kids are itching for it, and I am just as much. I'm planning to finish up most of the house projects (besides some bigger purchases that will come later), and read a Nancy Drew book or two...for old times sake. Gotta love that sleuth.

Courtney has a pal over to play video games, so for now it's just Luna and I saying goodnight!


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