Friday, March 9, 2012

Living Room

I have a few updated pictures of the house! It's by no means close to being done, but it's only been a week so what would we expect? The progress we've made (even with dog sitting Sunday night through Thursday) has been super. Luna loves the place too...she's currently running around like a crazy cat with her toys.

Okay, to the living room we go! Keep in mind that it's poor lighting (since we don't have an overhead light...yet). We also are going to put the black end table downstairs, and replace it with another brown chair, but it's there for now. Oh the fireplace needs to be painted some more, we need to put curtains up, and the wall that isn't seen will have a plant by and big clock on it. Courtney is watching a movie in case you're wondering. He seems to like those strange ponchos...

We were planning more of a tan color, but it looks kind of yellow-y...still love it though! This blue color is the same as our half bath. We cannot say it enough: we're SO grateful for this house. We're going to be especially thankful when we get all of our kitchen appliances installed on Thursday...and pictures will ensue :) 

This sideboard was actually a dresser I got from a thrift store (Jazzy Junk) for only $40! It also came with a mirror that I'm going to fix up and paint black and then put in our basement once the walls are painted (i.e. after Monday!)

I also included a couple pictures of some place mats I stamped! You can definitely tell they are hand-made, but maybe that's why I like them so much. (Eat, Relish, Chow, Savor).

The bedroom is almost done, too, but I'll to post those pictures later. Is anyone even interested in seeing those pictures? I feel like it can be a silly thing to post. Anywho, other photos to come as we keep working away!


Tara said...

Looks great Holly!!! Of course we want to see pics of the bedroom, and all of the other rooms in your house :) I can't believe your house is already all clean and organized. Want to come do my house next? :)

Holly Osbeck said...

Ha! It's definitely not clean! I have an advantage of not having kids right now, and I feel uneasy if it's every single room is a mess ;)

Leah said...

I love it! You're such a fast worker. Your place-mats are waaay cute. Pinterest?
p.s. I want to see the transformation of that bedroom. heck yes.

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