Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sneak Peek

The painting is almost complete! There are 3 coats on the former pink bedroom, and there needs to be one more (and even more coats where the brush will go). We ran out of paint for it, so I will finish later this week. 

Here is our laundry room with wet paint and former white color. It's the same silver as the upstairs spare bathroom. I just saw something on pinterest where you spray paint cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby (love that store) to put in the laundry room...I'm definitely doing that this week with maroon paint and "LAUNDRY" letters. 

We just got word that our washer/dryer are coming in the next few weeks! We don't know what color they will be, but we do know that they will be front loaders and only $800 for both (since they were demos). Seriously, if you need a pair we know a guy who can hook you up! Our fabulous realtor recommended him. I'm hoping that they are a different color like red or blue or possibly pewter. 

Pictures of the basement will be coming soon. There a few more pictures I have to hang, and I need to paint a coffee table black. Other than that, we just need a black couch! I'm hoping we can get it in a few weeks. If not, it's no big deal :)  (I mean, it's ridiculous how much we've gotten done in a month. Wow, a month!)

Oh and when it was super wonderful weather last week, Corey and I did some weeding. I even dug out a huge bush/mini overgrown-tree thing (like my lingo?) too. We picked up some mulch today at Lowe's (before I was too tired to do anything else). We're looking forward to getting some tools at garage sales, and re-planting some red tulips and then finding some other goodies to plant. Our yard needs a lot of work...but there's plenty of time for that! And no worries, that small portion of our front yard is cleaned up. (Because I know you were so worried). 

Handsome, isn't he? 
And of course to end it, everyone is dying to see pictures of Luna. (I know you really don't care, but you cared enough to read this far so you'll just have to suffer through these last pictures of our baby). 

Her tail is always going wild
Corey really wants a dog, and I often catch him looking on the classifieds for one :) I would like one, too, just not at the moment. Don't tell Luna, but I bet this fall we'll have one. We shall see!

Hope everyone is staying healthy (I'm getting there) and weekend is going well!

ps I realized I use a lot of parenthesis as my way of having a conversation with myself. Strange? 


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