Friday, March 16, 2012


Today was a fantastic day. I went for a much needed run, did some errands to get some small items for the house while Jill did a TON of stuff (like paint trim, fix our blinds, clean, etc.), went to Herman's Boy for lunch with my pops, and then Corey and I played volleyball. Volleyball? Yes, volleyball...with old men from the IRS. I was the only female which for some reason was not strange. We seriously played for two hours, and it was so much fun! I felt like I sweated just as much as when I had ran earlier this morning. Although we didn't win each game, our team rocked the communication piece. (Yes, I'm gloating about it). Anywho, it was nice to have a day of work (I'm working MTWR now), and just get some of the little things done. Believe it or not, on Wednesday evening we had everything unpacked! Now time to go room-by-room to make a list of the smaller items to finish. (Only 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom & the laundry room to paint!).

Tomorrow Corey's mom and I are attending a baby shower, then some friends are celebrating Jilly's birthday at our house, and we're ending the evening with a rock band/game night with the small group. Should be a fun-packed day! Looking forward to some rest on Sunday though. Oh and I'll post pictures of our half bath and kitchen that we have our appliances! I guess that's all for now...

Over and out!


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