Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

I know everyone has said it already, but this weather is incredible. It is seriously a gift from God! Corey and I have gone on a walk every night since Sunday. I absolutely love almost forces us to spend time to talk when  it could be easier to greet and then do our own thing. (like blog, go on pinterest, play video games, etc.). We're going to catch up on some Cheers tonight, too, so I'm pumped for that. (Not to mention that I don't have to go to bed until 10pm tonight...woo!)

So here are a few more pictures of the house. Again, still to do but you get the gist. Some rooms that are our last priority are the extra bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Maybe once we get a nice dining room table & washer/dryer I'll take pictures, but this is pretty much it for now! Ya'll will just have to see all the updates in person unless I do something real creative (which isn't likely ;)). And boy, I can't say it enough--we're grateful for this house and how everything worked out. Enjoy the pictures!

Our half bath (without wall decor). There's that milk crate!

Corey with all his friends ;) and our new TV (we lost the power cord to the old one...the only thing we lost in the move. Oops!)

Wall gallery in basement. Need to change the pictures--more of family and less of just us

There will be a black sectional in this spot. (And a red couch in the meantime). Tomorrow I'm going to spray paint the frame of the big mirror that will go on this wall/hang above the couch

I have great plans for this area (i.e. white porch swing, light blue and red pillows, Adirondack chairs, pallet coffee table, new porch light, flowers, etc.)

Our kitchen!

"Together is a wonderful place to be"
(New door coming soon)

Come on over sometime!


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