Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sell all the items!

I'm busy preparing for the 2nd annual Traffick Stop 5k GARAGE SALE FUNDRAISER! We've gotten TONS of donations in the past week, and we are grateful for all of thank you! Here is a not-so-good picture of our garage...

It is actually completely full. Our dining room has tons of boxes, too, so I'll be sorting, organizing and pricing them with my mom and perhaps some friends tomorrow. I'm excited to have it all ready! Click here to see the posting of most of the items we have (there are many items not mentioned on the posting). 

In regards to my last post, I did get that iphone case...Happy early birthday :) 

Oh and we've been doing a little more landscaping. A lovely family gave us blueberry bushes as a housewarming gift, so those are going into the ground asap. We also ripped out some bushes and trees on the side of the house and in front. The front area we will be planting tulips, peonies, lily of the valley, etc. in the fall, so we won't have pretty flowers this year. Some before and after pictures to come!

In a few months we will also be getting a new front door. Corey and I have been scoping them out at Lowe's, and I'm thinking I'd like this color, but without the metal details on it. It may or may not have some windows...we're still deciding. I also want a "Welcome" decal for it :)

I've also been dreaming about under our porch. I'd like to do something similar to this...

But instead of a sofa table, I want a mini dresser-type thing where I can house all our summer/outdoor glasses, napkins, silverware, etc. I'm thinking this dream may not be accomplished this summer...but great things are worth waiting for right? 

One more thing: the sermon from Jeff Manion, our main teaching pastor at Ada Bible, last night was fabulous. You can check it out here or (Message: Restored). Seriously, whether you attend church or not, this one is truly thought-provoking and inspiring. (Funny too!)

Ps (I just keep going!) Have you noticed Corey always wearing that Bill Murray shirt? Here's an example at the Whitecaps game a few weeks ago...

Our silly little adventure this summer is to see how many places we can take Bill Murray. It's actually a ridiculous idea, but simple entertainment :) Looks like Mr. Murray is planning to head to Indiana, Corey's birthday party, Binder Park, Pennsylvania, Ukraine, a Tiger's game, the Traffick Stop 5k, and a few other places this summer...stay tuned if you're as lame as we are! ;)

Hope you are able to rejoice in this day that the Lord has made!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stunts and Upgrades

Luna has been doing some climbing around the house. The pictures below explain...

When she's not sleeping on the fireplace, she's looking out the window or chasing her tail. She fell off once, but Courtney caught her. Silly Luna.

Please ignore the "blah" fireplace. We're planning to add some pretty molding to it!

Oh hai! Her latest and greatest stunt is to lounge on top of the cabinets. 

Corey and I have continued to talk about a dog. I realllly love the Swiss Mountain Dogs (also known as a Swissie). Aren't they adorable?! They shed seasonally (but not bad), and they don't drool. And I absolutely love their eyebrows :)

However, Corey is set on a boxer. I finally gave in last night. They are cute as puppies, but I think they look weird/kind of mean as adults. Anywho, my stipulation was that we had to search really hard for a reverse brindle one (the black/white ones) with floppy ears since I like those the best of all boxers. Not too shabby...

We're not going to rush into a dog (we won't get one till we're back from Ukraine), but we are excited for one. I just want to ensure that Luna is not left out. I'm really hoping the puppy and Luna can socialize well. 

In other news, I'm going to get an iphone on Friday! I'm due for an upgrade, and my fabulous husband approved. Now just to convince him that I need this case:
Maybe as an early birthday present? I also saw some Nancy Drew iphone cases which I thought were stellar. Either way, I'm thankful for the luxuries we are blessed with!

By the way, is it incredibly windy where you're at? 40 mph gusts here...stay grounded!

Friday, April 13, 2012

New logo!


Some awesome small group members created the new logo for the Traffick Stop 5k. Here it is...

The fundraising and advertising are under way now! We've also purchased our race bags, collected items for the garage sale (May 3-5 at 7570 Cannon Farms), designed out T-shirts, and are getting registrations. 

We'd love to have more volunteers and participants this year. Check out our website (which will be looking more professional very soon) at

Enjoy this fabulous walking/running weather!

Monday, April 9, 2012


It's Monday. I had to go back to working three days a week after spring break, so I am actually at home today. I was fortunate enough to sleep in, get some errands done, putz around in the yard, plan my school groups for the rest of the year, etc.

I have nine weeks left of school! I certainly cannot believe it. This year has gone so fast, and so much as happened. Many amazing and many difficult things at work and personally. Today I read Philippians 2. What I hope to focus on this week as I go back for the last leg of the year is this:

"In humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others" (3b-4)

"Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, 'children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation'. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky" (14-15).

This week I'm coming back to a million reports to write (nah, only 7 or so), and it will be busy. However, I feel blessed that May does not appear to be as insanely busy as it typically is (fingers crossed). And there is absolutely NO reason to complain because...

1. I have a job
2. I love my job (on most days :))
3. I'm growing as a social worker and Christ-follower
4. The work always gets done
5. Everyone is busy, so I might as well encourage rather than grumble

I know that many people do not recognize the need for teachers/school personnel to have summers off, but for many is it needed! I think I may get a little stir-crazy (in which case I also hope to work part-time this summer), but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have a break and replenish this summer. And maybe prepare to be in a new school? At least prepare for the 2nd annual Traffick Stop 5k, our missions trip to Ukraine, and road trips to Indiana and Pennsylvania (and maybe Chicago?!).

This post seemed a bit random, but I'm excited to go back and finish the school year strong--hopefully with less complaining, more encouraging, more serving and remembering why I chose this field. (I love working with these kids!).

SIDE NOTE: Things are getting under way for the Traffick Stop 5k! However, we're in need of more items for our garage sale, and I'm hoping to advertise/fundraise more. Sometimes it is difficult to plan for a certain amount of people when the majority of them sign up a few weeks before the event. There is a lot less work overall for the 5k this year, but my biggest stumbling block is figuring out how to better fundraise and advertise for this year. Any ideas? I'd love to hear them!

And of course, I must take time to remember that part of the purpose of this 5k is what Paul writes look after the interests of others over my own! A good reminder for me today, and I hope for you too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Orange Chicken

Made some orange chicken in the crockpot didn't taste so well. I was going to put the link for it on here, but I already  deleted it off my pinterest board. There were mixed reviews, so we had a 50/50 chance. Thankfully this time I don't think the poor meal was on my part! I have to agree with many of the reviews that it was too citrus-y. I still ate it (and Corey nibbled at it a little), but next time I think I'll try this recipe since it's very different than the one I tried today:

To make up for the lame dinner, I did what I do better...baked! I also needed to make something for tomorrow  night when we hang out with friends. I made one of Corey's favorites per his request: chocolate chip oreo cookies. Here is the recipe: Thankfully these turned out fabulously, and they are really yummy. The Reed family loves them as well.

For Osbeck Easter on Saturday I'll be bringing this with different fruit: (I know, so difficult). And for Reed Easter on Sunday I'm making: Those bird nests look sooo delicious!

I really don't mind baking. I've had more experience with that, and I have a major sweet tooth. I'm thinking Corey really should invest in a pinterest account, so he can pick up some of the cooking (since he usually does it or we tag team anyway). Do you think I could convince him? Probably not ;)

Hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the POWER of our resurrected Lord this weekend...I know we will!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ukraine Support

Wow. That is all I can think of to say at the moment.

Corey and I sent out support letters two weeks ago hoping for prayers in regards to our Ukraine trip, as well as monetary support if anyone felt lead. I always feel strange asking people for money...seems like I'm always doing it with this trip or that event. However, we knew we were meant to go on this missions trip.

First reason, we couldn't afford it, but BOTH Corey and I got $500 scholarships. Secondly, our $500 deposit was covered. Thirdly, we needed to raise $1,000 in support (or find creative ways to pull that amount from our personal budget), and in the past two weeks alone we have already raised $900! We would be thrilled to give any extra donations over to the Radooga Ministry in Ukraine.

We feel so incredibly blessed. Seriously, what an answer to prayer. A prayer that started with, "a missions trip overseas feels way out of my comfort zone, Lord, but I feel your prompting to pursue it" and now a prayer of, "Lord, you are so good. It is evident you want us to serve the people of Ukraine, even for a short time, but more so learn about You through them. Thank you thank you thank you for making it happen."

So to all those who are supporting us...we appreciate your kindness more than words can express! We're not sure what to expect in Ukraine, but we're willing to learn, be servants, and to let God move through us and the people we work with.

Praise be to Him.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spray Paint

Boy this weather is nice, isn't it?! The sunshine makes so many things better. Today's entry will be in list format (my favorite):

1. Jeremy and Andrea's transplants went wonderfully! The doctors said the surgeries couldn't have gone any better--which is fabulous! Please continue to pray for a quick and smooth recovery.

2. I've gotten over this flu very quickly! I still have the cough part, but I've been taking an immune-booster that has really done the trick. Very pleased about continuing normal living.

3. I love spray paint. I painted a free coffee table for the basement, the mirror at our basement landing, and a few other odds and ends. I'd much rather spray paint than paint with a roller and brush! Going to finish the LAST coats on the now-burgundy room tonight and/or tomorrow though. Yippee!

Like our 10 bags of mulch in the background?

Can you even see this? It's the mirror...

4. I moved a couple items, hung a few things, and got the spot ready for our couch :) The black coffee table will also go down here. Excited to have some seating for when we watch Cheers! I may also invest in some black bean bags down the road. Since so many of our things have been super duper cheap or free, I'm hoping to continue that pattern with the garage sale season that's starting up--maybe I'll find some bean bags!

5. I've also done some pruning today. My dad showed me the proper way of pruning by taking out the "suckers" that steal the nutrients off the trees. I really have no idea if I did it right, but at least I tried. (And it's in the backyard :))

5. Hoping to do some more yard work in this wondrous weather when the hubs comes home.

Hope you're enjoying the day!