Thursday, April 5, 2012

Orange Chicken

Made some orange chicken in the crockpot didn't taste so well. I was going to put the link for it on here, but I already  deleted it off my pinterest board. There were mixed reviews, so we had a 50/50 chance. Thankfully this time I don't think the poor meal was on my part! I have to agree with many of the reviews that it was too citrus-y. I still ate it (and Corey nibbled at it a little), but next time I think I'll try this recipe since it's very different than the one I tried today:

To make up for the lame dinner, I did what I do better...baked! I also needed to make something for tomorrow  night when we hang out with friends. I made one of Corey's favorites per his request: chocolate chip oreo cookies. Here is the recipe: Thankfully these turned out fabulously, and they are really yummy. The Reed family loves them as well.

For Osbeck Easter on Saturday I'll be bringing this with different fruit: (I know, so difficult). And for Reed Easter on Sunday I'm making: Those bird nests look sooo delicious!

I really don't mind baking. I've had more experience with that, and I have a major sweet tooth. I'm thinking Corey really should invest in a pinterest account, so he can pick up some of the cooking (since he usually does it or we tag team anyway). Do you think I could convince him? Probably not ;)

Hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the POWER of our resurrected Lord this weekend...I know we will!


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