Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sell all the items!

I'm busy preparing for the 2nd annual Traffick Stop 5k GARAGE SALE FUNDRAISER! We've gotten TONS of donations in the past week, and we are grateful for all of thank you! Here is a not-so-good picture of our garage...

It is actually completely full. Our dining room has tons of boxes, too, so I'll be sorting, organizing and pricing them with my mom and perhaps some friends tomorrow. I'm excited to have it all ready! Click here to see the posting of most of the items we have (there are many items not mentioned on the posting). 

In regards to my last post, I did get that iphone case...Happy early birthday :) 

Oh and we've been doing a little more landscaping. A lovely family gave us blueberry bushes as a housewarming gift, so those are going into the ground asap. We also ripped out some bushes and trees on the side of the house and in front. The front area we will be planting tulips, peonies, lily of the valley, etc. in the fall, so we won't have pretty flowers this year. Some before and after pictures to come!

In a few months we will also be getting a new front door. Corey and I have been scoping them out at Lowe's, and I'm thinking I'd like this color, but without the metal details on it. It may or may not have some windows...we're still deciding. I also want a "Welcome" decal for it :)

I've also been dreaming about under our porch. I'd like to do something similar to this...

But instead of a sofa table, I want a mini dresser-type thing where I can house all our summer/outdoor glasses, napkins, silverware, etc. I'm thinking this dream may not be accomplished this summer...but great things are worth waiting for right? 

One more thing: the sermon from Jeff Manion, our main teaching pastor at Ada Bible, last night was fabulous. You can check it out here or (Message: Restored). Seriously, whether you attend church or not, this one is truly thought-provoking and inspiring. (Funny too!)

Ps (I just keep going!) Have you noticed Corey always wearing that Bill Murray shirt? Here's an example at the Whitecaps game a few weeks ago...

Our silly little adventure this summer is to see how many places we can take Bill Murray. It's actually a ridiculous idea, but simple entertainment :) Looks like Mr. Murray is planning to head to Indiana, Corey's birthday party, Binder Park, Pennsylvania, Ukraine, a Tiger's game, the Traffick Stop 5k, and a few other places this summer...stay tuned if you're as lame as we are! ;)

Hope you are able to rejoice in this day that the Lord has made!


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