Monday, April 2, 2012

Spray Paint

Boy this weather is nice, isn't it?! The sunshine makes so many things better. Today's entry will be in list format (my favorite):

1. Jeremy and Andrea's transplants went wonderfully! The doctors said the surgeries couldn't have gone any better--which is fabulous! Please continue to pray for a quick and smooth recovery.

2. I've gotten over this flu very quickly! I still have the cough part, but I've been taking an immune-booster that has really done the trick. Very pleased about continuing normal living.

3. I love spray paint. I painted a free coffee table for the basement, the mirror at our basement landing, and a few other odds and ends. I'd much rather spray paint than paint with a roller and brush! Going to finish the LAST coats on the now-burgundy room tonight and/or tomorrow though. Yippee!

Like our 10 bags of mulch in the background?

Can you even see this? It's the mirror...

4. I moved a couple items, hung a few things, and got the spot ready for our couch :) The black coffee table will also go down here. Excited to have some seating for when we watch Cheers! I may also invest in some black bean bags down the road. Since so many of our things have been super duper cheap or free, I'm hoping to continue that pattern with the garage sale season that's starting up--maybe I'll find some bean bags!

5. I've also done some pruning today. My dad showed me the proper way of pruning by taking out the "suckers" that steal the nutrients off the trees. I really have no idea if I did it right, but at least I tried. (And it's in the backyard :))

5. Hoping to do some more yard work in this wondrous weather when the hubs comes home.

Hope you're enjoying the day!


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