Monday, May 7, 2012

Garage Sale Success!

Thanks be to the Lord because the garage sale was a huge success! We raised $1,500! 

Thank you for everyone who donated to the cause and shopped at the event. If you are interested in seeing what the funds will go to (as well as what else we need to raise funds for) go to and click on "2012 Needs List" under the Resources tab on the right. Or click here. We're also looking for more volunteers! Feel free to email me at if you're interested. (Trust me, the "work" is not difficult :))

Here are some pictures from the garage sale...

Wonderful workers! (Thank you mom and Becky for all your help too!)

Luna checking out some clothes before customers arrived.

And of course I have to throw in a few more of Luna. I'm not sure if she was trying to push Corey away or heal him in this picture.

Now she looks like a hungover kitty...

 Here is a dresser I purchased at our garage sale! A fabulous friend dropped it off on Friday as a donation, and I decided to donate/snatch it up! There is a mirror that attaches to the top. I'm planning to paint it white, change the hardware, and put it in our "wine-colored" spare bedroom. 

Corey's mom also gave us his grandfather's rocking chair. So that will be painted soon too (we obtained permission first!) You can see the wine-colored walls in the background.

Here are a few other projects I purchased from the sale that are awaiting renovation... 
Bread pan: too small for bread that I'd want, so I'm going to spray paint it and put jewelry in it
Bulletin board: going to recover it with pretty fabric. Perhaps bring it to work or put it in a spare bedroom?
Piggy bank: paint it for a spare bedroom/future
Letters: Put magnets on the back & put them on magnetic boards so we can have an oncoming scrabble game

I made these a long time ago...I had them at work, and now I can't remember why I brought them home. I'm still looking for the right spot for them.

Thank you again for all the support for the garage sale and Traffick Stop 5k. God continues to bless this event through you. 

Well, it's time to clean the house. Have a marvelous day!

ps before/after landscaping pictures will come when we've planted more, and when it is not so rainy...


Tara said...

Cute dresser!!! Hobby Lobby is definitely the place to go for knobs/pulls. They are very reasonably priced and they have a lot of cute ones. Plus, if they don't have enough of the style you want, they will order you more :)

Your other projects look fun too!

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