Thursday, May 17, 2012

Minor Updates

Howdy! 10 more days of work till summer...and man I'm needing it. I know everyone has ups and downs in their job, and therefore, I am incredibly thankful to have a time of rest. Running and this blog are nice ways of releasing stress too!

Here are a few updates of the house...

Kitchen decor above pantry

Basement bathroom shower curtain (we need to move rod up)

Laundry room ("Loads and Loads of Fun"). I decided to do this instead of spray painting big letters...still debating if I should do that in the kitchen with "EAT". We'll see...

 Front porch (hanging baskets to come soon). Down the road I'd like a railing...and perhaps a bench/chairs for the left side

Red perennial geraniums soon to be in hanging basket by window :)

This front area will have peonies and prettier hostas next year (they are wilted in this picture). There will be red tulips too!

Hello kitty in the window


West side of house (Lilies and some peonies)

East side of house. I'm hoping these flowers and blueberry bushes (hard to tell which are supposed to be there and which are weeds) pop up soon to cover that ugly side of the house! We also need to do some weeding and put some grass seed down in this area like we did in the front...

Look, our weeds are gone! 

Below is the before of the front...yikes! It's hard to notice differences in this picture, but we took out those three dead trees in the front, as well as all that overgrown stuff by the front windows and pruned all the trees. I apologize that we do not have more "before" pictures.

Corey also purchased his own terracotta pot and some dahlia seeds today...he's really getting into this planting thing :) Although we may not be experts, we are learning a ton thanks to my family and pinterest! We figure that if we fail we'll just replant something new. I'm debating about planting a small garden to grow veggies...I'm thinking maybe next year, so we have more time to

Luna was bummed that I left her on the couch to take all these pictures

Here is the damaged iphone. Still works! Corey's is cracked over the entire screen. We both dropped ours within days of each other. We were meant to be.

Got the case as a VERY early birthday present :)

Well that's all folks!


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