Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

We had a marvelous Mother's Day spent with family. Saturday night we had Corey's family over for dinner, dessert and games. I made the following:

1. Spicy chicken tortilla roll ups (aka Pinwheels) found here
2. Crockpot bacon cheese potatoes found here
3. Spinach and artichoke dip found here
4. Crescent pepperoni roll ups found here

Jenny made some awesome desserts too! We are so thankful for Jill and Tim (Mom and Dad), and we always have a wonderful time together!

Today after church we spent time in Saugatuck with my mom and Dad. It was so much fun! We went in some shops (amazingly avoided the fudge shops), walked along the dock/channel, visited an antique store and ate the Saugatuck Brewing Company for dinner.

Insanely nice boat...

Chain-operated charter boat

Love this man

This was the organized antique store I've ever seen. It was fabulous! Too bad we didn't have much time to stay. Corey found this treasure...

Rolls Royce in downtown Saugatuck!

Parrot with blue and maize colors...perfect. (I'm a little scared of birds)

On a different note, I'm also going to be getting the rest of our outdoor plants this week! The landscaping is taking longer than I planned because other great things keep popping the Riverbank Run with my brother Kevin!

We're hoping to get an aqua door (similar color to picture below?), so I'd like brown planters (to match the shutters) on the front porch, along with huge lanterns, and red geraniums (hanging and in brown planters)...there will also be red tulips, peonies and hostas in the front portion of our house.

On the east side of the house we recently planted blueberry bushes (Thank you Blackmores!), and our nephew Nathan planted a little tree from boy scouts. We're going to plant black-eyed susans. Awesomely, all the plants we're getting are FREE!

I'm also super pumped to have this on our front door in brown...

We're slowly but surely making updates...again we're so grateful to be in our home!


Leah said...

I'm glad you had such a fun time in Sagatuck. My mom and I like it there too!

All those flowers for free!? Are you flower-napping in the night again, Hol?

Holly Osbeck said...

Heck yes I'm stealing them in the night! But really, all from my mom, Tara and Jill :)

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