Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Job?

So a few days ago I applied at Pottery Barn and Fossil for summer jobs. Would I make any money if I even got hired? Probably not. Corey said he wouldn't mind if some (all?!) of my paycheck was spent in either of those places :) I'm not even sure if they are hiring though. I'm hoping I can work at either place for a couple days a week in the summer. We'll see if they even need my help. I think working in retail for 8 years should be useful in the event that they actually need another worker. I'll keep you (whoever you are) posted!

In other news, we've raised $1,000 for the 2nd annual Traffick Stop 5k garage sale fundraiser in just 14 hours! We have 2 days left and on Saturday (last day) we're going to have a "fill a bag for a $1" deal. Whether people want items or not, they must "take all the stuff!" (Insert meme :)). I also got a sunburn through the overcast today. Yikes! We've also been able to met all our close neighbors because of the sale which is fabulous! Again, we're filled with nothing but thankfulness.

Not too much else new to report. On Saturday we're also going to our friend's "Gender Reveal Party" for their upcoming baby. We are SO pumped! I just think it is the cutest idea ever, and they are going to be fabulous parents. The gals in our small group are also planning a baby shower for her, so I'm excited for that as well. You know how I love planning!

That's it for now...garage sale pictures and before/after landscaping pictures to come later this week!


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