Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Happy birthday to my wonderful husband, Corey!

I love how goofy you are
I love your reassurance that life will be fine
I love your handsome charm
I love your witty comments
I love that you get along with anyone new
I love that you like going out and staying in
I love that you are a hard worker...even in the mundane
I love your muscles (had to throw it in there)
I love how you never cease to make me laugh...even when I don't want to
I love how you give me space when I get angry over silly things
I love how you provide for my basic and beyond basic needs and wants
I love how you respect and support my dreams

Gee, I just love YOU! I hope you feel loved even more so today and the rest of the celebrations this week!

Picture of us as seniors in high school in 2005...

Picture of us in 2012..still staying strong despite the hair loss!


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