Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ever have an "off" day? I'm having one of those. Not for any reason in particular...I think I'm mostly anxious to get tomorrow morning over with and move on to vacation in PA!

I had a third interview with EGR today. It went well, but boy it gets exhausting :) Don't get me wrong though; there were was only ONE school social work posting in all of Kent County last year and everyone and their brother wanted it. I'm thankful to have more (3) possible opportunities in Grand Rapids this summer/fall!

One more interview with Rockford tomorrow, and then I can possibly think about it less? I just pray that this entire process is pleasing to the Lord. It is difficult not to want this or that...to not constantly think about the "what if"...or to remember that His will is WAY better than mine. Wherever I'll be in the fall is exactly where He wants me.

And guess what else? DIME DOGS at the Whitecaps tonight. If nothing else, that makes for a pretty marvelous day :)

Wishing you well!


Leah Bradley said...

5 dime dogs to be exact.
love you!

Holly Osbeck said...

And every single one of them was worth it ;) Tonight was SO fun and just what I needed-a God thing for sure. Love you back!

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