Monday, June 18, 2012


Since Corey's birthday was on June 13, and we celebrated with the Reed family last Saturday. 

Check out how my Dad signed his card...

Corey resting after root beer floats as the boys play on the playground

Nathan spelled all on his own!

 My loves snoozin'

On Corey's actual birthday, I made him a cookie cake for after work, and then we went to enjoy it with our fellow small group members. Recipe found here.

Many more cards made their way to the mantle

Attempt at a family photo

On Friday we celebrated Father's Day with the Reed's. Carson was eagerly attempting to take Wilson's bone...and Wilson was graciously letting him

Oh hi daddy

Someone's belly is ticklish!

On Saturday we had friends over for tacos, fruit, desserts, and drinks. I wish I had gotten more pics of the party, but it was a great time with fabulous company nonetheless.

Mint chocolate chip recipe found here
Peanut butter rice crispie recipe found here
Random fact, Aussies call rice crispies "rice bubbles". (Corey's parents have someone from Australia living with them). 

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day with the Osbecks and then went out to Outback for Corey's birthday with them. It was a very restful day, and I even got a 20 minutes nap in (I never take naps!) Corey's mom took pictures, so I'll have to steal them from her when she posts them.

Today I'm going to my friend Jana's pool (the weather is supposed to clear up soon!) and Zumba with Leah. The other highlights of this week will include working at Fossil, gathering at Ada Bible Church, fishing with my pops, celebrating Nathan's 7th birthday, and going to a whitecaps game! Also, my brother Kevin is having surgery today, so if you could keep him in your prayers that would be appreciated. Oh and update on running...I've done it 10 days out of the past 14 :)

Hope you can find a reason to be thankful today...I know I am!


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