Saturday, June 16, 2012


There's been some exciting things happening lately! I worked at Kelsey's Start of Summer booth last weekend. You can check out all her fabulous items at her Facebook page here. There should be contact, website and etsy shop info on her FB page. She had the cutest booth!

On Tuesday I said "adios" to my work office until August! It felt like I was going back the next day, but four days later I'm already in the full swing of summer. I have many plans for improvement for next year though!

Instead of starting my Fossil training yesterday, I actually will begin on Wednesday. I'm SO pumped. Check out these beauties as my first two purchases (already approved by Corey since the second one is for him).

Yesterday morning I went strawberry picking with Hunter and Keller, and then we checked out the petting zoo at Krupp Farms. So fun!

Today was an interesting morning as Corey's mom helped us finish the inside of our front door again, and my mom and I rescued a baby possum! 

Possums like to play dead, so at first my mom thought he wasn't alive :( But then she saw he was breathing! He was moving around a little bit too. He was so helpless but cute!

We think he fell off his momma and she just left him. He's only 2 or 3 months old, and my parents found him in their garage. But now he's getting treatment!

(Side note: I always thought it was spelled "opossum", but I guess it can be either way). While at the rescue home we saw all these other adorable rescued animals :)

 Look out ladies

  And a few of Luna...

Chasing her tail on the ladder

Thanks Luna...
Rough life for both of us lately...

About ready to attack a bug (ignore our dead lawn)

Yes we understand if you judge us about our cat. Most people do.

On a different note, I think I may start participating in the "What I Wore Wednesday" posts, so look forward to some outfits this coming week. We've also been celebrating Corey's birthday all week, so pictures from all that (after the celebration tomorrow) will also be posted soon.

It's a great day to be alive!


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Possoms are NOT cute. the end.

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