Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rum Runner

I went running after drinking a rum runner tonight. Amazingly, I shaved time off of my last run! I think that was also in part due to a dark rain cloud lurking behind me and my white shirt appearing whiter than typical. I also stop halfway through a run, walk for 30 seconds to turn around, and then run the rest of the way back. I was on such a roll the first half that when I stopped and began running again my legs decided they wanted to keep walking. No worries, I ran the rest of the way home although my legs persisted otherwise. I didn't always stop to walk for 30 seconds until I trained for the Riverbank. And seriously if I didn't stop after 7 miles (as in 7 miles is the halfway point) I would seriously die. Now it's just a habit. 

Why all this talk about running? Well I'm finally getting back into it! I was training pretty well for the Riverbank this spring (like the past 5 years), but I got a sickness that lasted forever (I apologize for that month of complaining), and it really set me back. Then I was only running once a week or even once every two weeks compared to 3 times a week...eek. Now that it's the end of the school year (and surprisingly I have less time), I'm feeling rejuvenated and motivated again. This is my third day in a row of running, and I'd like to keep it up. I'm almost wanting it to become an "addiction". Okay, so I know I'm a social worker and addictions are definitely not something to strive for, but we're all prone to giving more time to particular things (i.e. video games, coffee, pinterest, planning, time in the Word, etc.). Why not running again? Hopefully! And you know what are two of the best parts?

1. I'm oh so regular again
2. Those endorphins are niiiice. Poor's like I'm high on caffeine at bedtime :)

Oh and when I got to my driveway it started raining :) Okay, so enough about running. I also got that job at Fossil! Thanks be to the Lord. I'll be working 4-8 hours a week there and more time at Aunt Candys. It will be a pretty low-key working summer which will be nice for this running routine, the trips we have planned, as well as resting/preparing for the next school year. I'm also waiting to hear back from 2 Grand Rapids schools...hopefully by the end of this week. The days at work go so fast that I haven't thought too much about them. And perhaps the Lord is preparing my heart for if I don't get them or peace for if I do? Either way I'll take His plan over mine...even if I think I have the "perfect" one. (And y'all know how awesome my plans are...ha. right.) So that's the little update from my end.

I hope you, too, are finding ways to stay healthy!


Leah Bradley said...

I cannot believe you posted about pooping... well, yes I can.

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