Monday, June 4, 2012


Isn't this weather beautiful? I absolutely love this 72 degrees with sunshine and a slight breeze. "Not too cold, not too hot. All you need is a light jacket" (What movie?)

Today was an low-key day, but I was in need of one of those. I went for a nice run (unfortunately my times have been slow lately, but that's a different story), had breakfast with my pops, then babysat my nephew Carson while my other nephew graduated from pre-school!

Tonight we have Brendan's t-ball game, and I'm hoping to get a head start on the dresser I'm refinishing. Yes, I know I planned on redoing awhile back now, but life gets busy sometimes :) I'm thinking of getting glass knobs/handles for it since it will be white.  I'll share photos of the progress when it's done. 

Oh we're hopefully (FINALLY) going to get our new door put in by next week! I purchased the paint today, and boy am I pumped. Updates on that later too.

So only FOUR days of school left. Crazy. So much to do in those days, but tasks also manage to be completed on time. I'm sure going to miss those students...but at the same time I know summer will go fast!

Now to end with the one we're obsessed with...

No intruders here!


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