Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So the Whitecaps was fabulous. I successfully ate 5 hot dogs, had great conversations with Leah, met up with some friends from Ada and chatted with my former supervisor from Wyoming! It was very encouraging and reminded me of how lucky I am to have so many supportive and fun people in my life (hence the FB status). 

And after 11:30am, I was finally able to relax...although Corey hasn't been able to :( He has huge cases he's working on (obviously I'm not privy to details), but typically he comes home from work at 4:45pm and does not think about it until 8am the next morning. He's still working and "need to work throughout the night". Rats. I'm proud to have such a diligent, persevering husband though!

And good news: soon we will be resting in the car on our way to PA! I'm so pumped. I've never been out to visit Corey's mom's side of the family, so this vacation is long overdue. We're going shopping (no tax on clothes or shoes!), meeting/hanging out with people, eating lots of yummy food, hitting up some baseball games, and resting in general. When we come back we have the annual tractor parade in Decatur (please try to contain your excitement for us), and we get our kitty back! The only downfall to road trips is that we have to leave Luna...but at least she'll be spoiled by my mom. (Yes, I know she is not a real child).

Hope you have some big or small vacations to look forward to!


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