Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedroom Update

Just a little bedroom update... 

I finally have a way to display more of my bracelets. So many times I forgot to wear them because I don't see them (out of sight, out of mind). This wall also needed a little extra something besides the hope frame too.

Oh hai Luna!

Scarf holder that is more functional than the last one because of all the hooks & location. Just need to add the rest of 'em on here. Need something for that corner maybe?

I've been waiting to get matching lamps for a long time, and Hobby Lobby had lamps for 50% off this past weekend! I seriously love that place. I also got a bunch of inexpensive items for the shelves in our silver bathroom. (Pictures to come).

 And lastly, we got a puppy! The moment we got back from Ukraine, Corey has been searching for a boxer. He's been dying to have one for over a year, but we wanted to wait until I was full-time and we were back from Ukraine. It didn't take long for him to find a craigslist posting of someone who couldn't take care of her, and we snatched her right up! 

Maggie is 3 months old, and she weighs around 20 pounds. She loves to lick and jump (we'll work on that), and she already stays in the yard and sits on command. She knows the word "no" and is potty trained...but she got a little excited yesterday in the house, so we'll be working on that too. One of the biggest surprises...she's snores very loudly! Luna is adjusting better than expected, and Maggie is so eager for Luna to accept her. 

We love them both so much :)


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