Saturday, July 14, 2012


So after 4.5 months (crazy!) in our new house, we finally got a dining room table! We still have the 4-person glass one in the kitchen, but this will be way more convenient for functions with multiple couples/family members. Of course Luna has already scoped it out.

Moved a few other items around upstairs...finally a place for mail! 
(I need to spray paint that green table)

New rug, painted the inside of the door, and moved the mirror. I still need to recover our curtain valance, and then the window seat will be complete!

I finally put large (11x14) wedding pictures up! Only 1 year and 8 months later. (Sorry for poor lighting)

And lastly, I got a new carry-on suitcase. We leave for Ukraine in TWO days! 
Today was fun with running club and Stac's cottage. Tomorrow we pick up our team shirts after church, finish packing the essentials, and head out Monday morning. We're so excited! We won't have internet access, but people can follow updates on us at

Radooga is the camp in Ukraine that we will be teaching English and sharing the Gospel with teenagers at. We come back around 8pm on July 26th. And no worries, Luna is staying with my parents where she will be spoiled and torture Wilson.

Thank you for all of you who have prayed (and continue to do so), as well as supported us financially. We are forever grateful, and we'll be sure to share pictures/updates when we get back.

Happy weekend!

ps Job update: I will be 2.5 days at Meadow Ridge (Special Ed DK-5th grade) and 2.5 days at Lakes, where the Cognitively Impaired elementary classroom is, (Special Ed K-5th grade) next year!


Tara said...

Oh wow, I LOVE your table and chairs! Where did you get it?! I can't believe you didn't mention it to me yesterday :)

And if it makes you feel better about the wedding pics... I've been married over 9 years and we never even order prints of ours. Oops!

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