Friday, August 31, 2012


Check this out...

Our bamboo! You know those tiny stalks you can purchase from Meijer? Corey and I bought one a few years ago, and it has taken off! We're graduating it to a large pot today. I must add that Corey is the one who waters the plants in this household--kudos to him.

We also have done a few other minor home updates. Spray painted the round, wicker star that I found at an antique store downtown Grand Rapids. I wanted to put something on the high ledge, but I think this is perfect instead! It completes the entry way.

 Corey is working from home today! Doesn't he look thrilled?

I deeply apologize for the poor lighting, but our dining room curtains are finally complete...Thanks to my fabulous MIL, Jill! 

On the open wall (see picture above), I'm going to get this. But in our name of course :)

 We also moved the large picture to the beige wall which looks way better

And a little puppy and cat love for the grand finale!

Like Maggie's collar? Let's go blue!


Katie said...

Holly...your house is so cute! And that wicker star is gorgeous. Also...I feel a bit guilty for wanting to throw away/get rid of our two bamboo shoots we got as a housewarming gift...haha :)

And no, I don't like Mag's collar...Go Green! ;)

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