Monday, August 13, 2012

Excitement is in the Air

So I met with one of my former social work supervisors (a different one from my other other post), and it was just marvelous! It definitely made me more excited to start in a new school district, and she helped subside my anxieties. I'm so thankful for encouraging friends like Jen :)

And boy, I am just SO pumped to be working at Lakes and Meadow Ridge in two weeks! My first day of work is Tuesday August 28, but I have two days of orientation this week and next. These upcoming weeks will be busy with the 5k and increased hours at Fossil (I know, so rough ;)), as well as preparing for my office, caseload, and relationship building at a new job. I'm am truly thankful (and eager)!

I've also finished a small, easy project as you can see below...

I painted a chalkboard, but it doesn't look so cool since there's no writing yet. (Our curtains are almost finished thanks to my lovely, mother-in-law!) The more I look at it in the dining room, I'm thinking that I don't want it there. I think this is what it will be transformed into (except Michigan football of course)

AND another exciting thing is that I've decided what I want to do with the strange basement landing! This may seem silly, but the ideas all came together last night as I searched the interwebs and Corey played video games. (We lead such exciting lives). Right now, the basement landing area has quite a large pipe that this huge mirror is currently hiding.

I decided that we're going to put up wainscoting that looks similar to this...

It won't be soon, but I'm hoping within 6 months. Maybe within a year if necessary. (I mean, we're going to be living here awhile!) So the ugly pipe will be less noticeable when it is surrounded by white wainscoting.

Then I want to put a pub table with 4 chairs in that corner to help cover the pipe/be a game playing area. There are also french doors leading to our utility room which is completely bizarre, so instead of changing the doors, I want to add yellow curtains over them and a yellow corner table as well. 

For the wall decor in this little landing area, I'd like to blow up post cards and frame them. My great grandparents had hundreds of post cards their friends sent them, so I've sorted through some and kept my favorites. Some are hanging in our bedroom, as seen here.

I will also have the MI football chalkboard schedule and a few ongoing scrabble games (magnetic boards and lettered tiles) on the walls. Wow, this is a lot of typing...are you getting the idea?

After painting the rest of our basement this color I thought, "holy bright blue, batman!" I knew I wanted something to "dull" it a little, but keep the blue and add yellow for MI colors. I found this as my inspiration...

Although all this planning is in my head, I'm eager to add these little details to our home over time. For now, I can remain excited of the little changes, but more importantly, grateful for what we have now!


Katie said...

Ok, Holly...your house is seriously adorable! But I think you should seriously consider switching to MSU colors instead... :)

And yay for a new job! Are you doing school based therapy? I'm looking into switching jobs, and that's one of the positions I'm considering :)

Holly Osbeck said...

No, go blue! ;)

I'm a school social worker, so I work with special ed students (other districts I've worked with at-risk too). It's therapy but definitely less intensive...I more work with students whose social, emotional or behavioral skills (or lack thereof) are interfering with their educational impact, and then refer to outside of school sources for mental health issues. Although there's always a lot of crisis intervention :) I love being in a school though! Tell me what you do!

Katie said...

I'm doing home-based therapy for families in the DCS system (I just got my MSW :D), but its not my fav. I've never loved formal therapy and I just don't love what I'm doing so I'm actually looking into either school-based, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or nursing home stuff. Clearly, I'm keeping my options opened :)

Holly Osbeck said...

That's wonderful, Katie--congrats! Getting my MSW was the best thing many more possibilities. I'm confident you'll do great wherever you are!

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