Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am so excited for fall. Summer is nice because I have a break, but I'm definitely not one of those who loves this hot weather. 

But I adore fall.

I'm pumped to begin a new school year (and a little nervous too), wear tall boots and plenty of scarves, and celebrate MI football victories. I feel like I don't look that cute in the summer because it's so flippin hot that I can never keep any cute clothes on. tmi?

I really just cannot wait for the crisp air, the colors changing, getting pumpkins, drinking cider, walking Mags in cooler weather, and planning outfits that will stay on.

Check out this photo from the fall hick-a-date in 2007 at Taylor
Who doesn't love overalls?

Speaking of ensembles, has anyone noticed that belts are coming back? I mean, we all know that the skinny belt around the waist is in, but I'm seeing a lot more ladies wear bigger belts in the belt loops again. Just an observation.

Yes this post was completely random, but who else is ready for summer to calm down, and for the excitement of a new season to come?!


Katie said...

Girl, you're speaking right to my heart. For a million reasons I'm so ready for Fall :) I have fall scented candles and plug-ins going alllll over my house already!

Holly Osbeck said...

I love it! :)

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