Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Beginnings

As you may know, the Traffick Stop 5k was a success! We had over 200 participants again this year, and we fulfilled our goal of spreading the word about the tragedy of human trafficking...and also that there is something to do about it besides being ignorant or passive! Results and some finish-line pictures can be found at our website: www.traffickstop5k.com. I'll post more pictures once they are edited/posted by our photographer.

I also started work! Yes, I technically started a few weeks ago with orientation/training/setting up shop, but this was the official week that all staff at Rockford Public Schools came back. This is how I'm feeling so far:


Needless to say, I'm a bag of emotions right now. Missing some former students/staff, but pumped for this new year. Wishing I could already have a year under my belt in this district, but gaining joy as I nail down my schedule (piece by piece by piece). Grateful for the knowledge I gained last year, eager to learn so much more. 

I'm also desperately in need of a more consistent workout plan. Remember when I did a nice job at the end of the school year/beginning of the summer? Well then I went to Ukraine, and I've done very little since. I'm hoping to start a new running/eating routine come Tuesday (obviously I need to live up Labor Day goodies ;)). I've heard that the My Fitness Pal app is super, so we'll see if I dig it as well.

Lastly, my stellar mother-in-law is a decorating genius (she seriously has taken classes) and coming to help with some house stuff on Friday. Not major things, but fun nonetheless. I'll post pictures afterwards.

Well, I better go retrieve the dog from eating cat poop again...

Happy Tuesday!


Katie said...

Ha! If it makes you feel better, my dog eats my other dog's poop :) Hoping you settle into school alright and feel in the groove soon!!!!

Leah Bradley said...

You can always come over and do Zumba with me in my tiny living room. :) Then, you'll be the star everybody watches during class.
Also, tip on teh cat poop thing- get one of the boxes that has a "hood" and turn the opening towards the wall. Luna will still be able to get in, but Maggi will be clueless. :p

Holly Osbeck said...

I'm excited for your zumba classes! And we tried the cat top...Luna then decided it was better to poop on the floor. So we changed that real quick!

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