Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Can I just say that I'm so proud of my husband? Here are a few reasons:

1. He is diligent about working out (wish I could say the same)
2. His boss is featuring him and our trip to Ukraine in their central newsletter (goes out to all IRS employees in MI, IN & OH)!
3. He spent the night camping (in an air conditioned camper, but camping nonetheless)
4. He loves both Luna and Maggie like crazy (what a softy)
5. He perseveres when things do not go as planned 

This past weekend we went camping with my family, and we were able to have an hour long tube ride down the Stony River into Lake MI. It was glorious! I'll be posting pictures soon...

A picture from yesterday at my friend Jana's. Maggie had fun with my co-workers and their kids at the pool. (Although Mags didn't like the water). I'm impressed that she was so good! She snored all the way home :)

Maggie and Luna continue to work things out...I think they really love each other, but Luna just gets a little scared since Mags can be ultra excited to play. 

Today I'm reminded of and thankful for the relationships the Lord has blessed me with. I was able to meet up with my former social work supervisor, a woman who knows how to encourage (and make me laugh) like none other, as well as a friend from college who is serving as a missionary in Mexico. Both conversations were uplifting, and they both reminded me of the power of community. I love how the Lord works through so many people to bring me back to His purposes.

I hope you, too, are able to find joy in a relationship today!


Katie said...

Love this Holly! And seriously, Maggie is adorable. Are you just in love?

Holly Osbeck said...

We are SO in love...it's ridiculous :)

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