Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Seems like life is a bit busy right now! I've been working full-time at school, but I've also been working more hours than expected at Fossil. Granted, it is not a difficult job, but it is time that I cannot rest. Soon I will just be working at school during the week and Fossil on some weekends to get a little break :)

Besides work, we've been enjoying the New Testament Challenge! It is such an easy read, and I've been encouraged already. I'm looking forward to discussing it with our couples small group and the ladies small group. Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to get together and discuss, but I find that it is always worthwhile when we do. So here we go again!

I also had some other fun activities this week including a jewelry party, pinterest party, and enjoying the company of graduate school friends. Oh, and couple from our small group had their baby on Friday morning!  Meet Autumn Corrin Hibma. She is beautiful :)

 One not-so-fun activity was Maggie getting spayed. She looked so pitiful. She could barely move, had a couple accidents in the house, and was just lame. BUT two days later she is back to her ADHD self...digging through the trash and chasing her toys around the house.

This week Corey and I are hoping to check out Art Prize in downtown Grand Rapids. For those of you who haven't heard, people (1517 to be exact) made a piece of art (from any material) and placed them all around the city of GR. It brings a lot of tourists to the area which is great for our economy. And it's incredible to see how creative/talented people are!

Although I'm seeking more rest/time with the hubs and less activities in my life right now, I am super pumped to meet up with three of my closest college friends in Chicago. Since two are from Minneapolis and the other is just north of Indy, Chicago is a perfect meeting place again this year. I am VERY eager to see them in a few weeks!

And then there is that two year anniversary coming up which I am definitely looking forward to (Yes, it's not till November  but you know how eager I get). Not sure where we are going yet as Corey is the one planning it this year :) My only preferences included shopping and/or spa and thankfully he enjoys both. We shall see!

Any fun plans in your life lately?


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