Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day

Corey wished me a great first day this morning, and it came true!

The first day is typically pretty low-key for social workers. Today I was only at Lakes Elementary (on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday AM I'm at Meadow Ridge Elementary). While at school today I...

visited/worked in the self-contained CI classrooms
finally figured out how to set up the printer (thanks to the super nice librarian!)
met some of my caseload students
visited the cafeteria during lunch time
wrote a million emails
went through my students' IEPs again and again
got more organized in my case notes/documentation
got my schedule more narrowed down
continued to plan for groups

I seriously love kids. They are simply a hoot. And just plain beautiful. 

I'm looking forward to introducing myself to more students tomorrow, as well as getting into more of a routine these upcoming weeks.

You know what else? It only took me 6 minutes to get to work today :)

Happy first day!


Katie said...

6 minutes?! I die.

Holly Osbeck said...

Way better than the hour and 20 minutes it took one way last year! :)

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