Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Testament Challenge

As you may already know, Corey and I attend Ada Bible Church. In a few weeks they are launching a new small group series titled, The New Testament Challenge (NTC). The goal is for everyone in the congregation (4000+) to read the New Testament in 8 weeks. There is a version of the Bible that reads more like a love story and a daily reading plan that accompanies the NTC.

I. am. so. excited.

Ironically, since coming back from Ukraine, I've been sluggish in so many areas of life...

consistent devotions

I am so eager to jump into something that will encourage me to read my Bible every day. I know God will use my willing spirit, and I pray He molds me into a more humble, faithful person. 

Corey and I are also small group leaders of a couples group, so we have the opportunity to do this study with a group of other young adults. I am incredibly grateful for this group. After 3 years, they are like family :)

So what helps you stay consistent? Anything you're itching to begin come this new fall season?

I've also began a new eating and running plan, so here's to new beginnings!

As a side note about work: the honeymoon is already over! Most kids are comfortable and showing it :) But by golly, I met all my caseload kids at Lakes Elementary, and I already love them. 

I find that if I focus on their worth and dignity, I can keep up the poker face during crazy interesting circumstances.

What helps you stay calm in stressful situations? Do you have any preferred cooling-down strategies?


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