Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept Photo Challenge, Week 2

The September Photo Challenge is back! 
You can check out Katie's blog, the creator of this fun challenge, here.

This week is light, movement, joy...

This is of the ginormous hydrangea bushes in our back yard

We moved into out new home 6 months ago. It's been fun making it our personal space, and continuously giving praise to the Lord for such a place to live!

This picture was taken on my phone, but I had to include's Luna attacking the cat nip :)

We are continually blessed by our nephews. From left to right:

Keller (7 years)
Brendan (4.5 years)
Nathan (7 years)
Hunter (8.5 years)
Carson (1 year)

They are so silly, brilliant, funny, savvy, compassionate, and lovable. They constantly bring us joy!


Emily grapes said...

We have a hydrangea bush by the walkway at my apartment and I've been waiting for it to bloom!

All those nephews! That's awesome!! And hooray for your new place!! Its always fun making your new space a home.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Katie said...

Love the pictures!!! That hydrangea plant looks huge :)

Katie said...

Hey girl! I wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog today, but your account is set to 'no-reply' and I can't reply to your comment :) {you can change that like this }

I got a job at Big Brother, Big Sisters and I'm SO excited to work with a more positive population and get more time with kiddos. I've been working just with parents who've had their kids removed. And its really been killing me...

Holly Osbeck said...

Oops! thanks for helping me fix that :) And that is SO great about your new job!!

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