Monday, September 10, 2012

The Prism

So I've been driving the same car I got when I was 16. A 2002 Chevy Prism. It looks like this:

Classy right? But hey, it keeps me humble and it's been faithful!

However, Corey and I have talked about a mini SUV in our dear future. Since the Nissan Murano is too expensive, he was thinking the Juke:

Kind of cool. Kind of not. I can't decide. 

So I kept looking (not that I know what I'm looking for except how it looks on the outside). And found the Nissan Rogue!

It's basically a mini Murano.

I'm not quite sure why my eyes keep gravitating towards Nissans....or why I dedicated a blog post about cars. 

But I girl can dream, right? 

And luck for Corey, any car with automatic locks and windows would be a dream to me :)


Katie said...

Ooooh so fun! We got a new(er) SUV this summer and love it! We looked at Rogues, but landed on a Mazda CX7.

Holly Osbeck said...

We'll have to check that out :)

Leah Bradley said...

I vote a Nissan! I love them. :) My next one will prob be a mini Nissan SUV too! We'll be twinners.

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