Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Fun

Hooray for the weekend! 

We have some fun things planned despite the rain. Last night we went to our high school homecoming football game. We enjoyed reminiscing about our early dating years, watching football (and the amazing half time show), and ending the night with Modern Family and Cheers.

We also sat by this cutie (3 year old Owen) at the game. He was insistent at getting a super close-up picture. He was such a hoot!

It's the little things in life that also remind me to be a fireplace...

Today I'm having some girlfriends over for lunch, and then some other friends are coming over for dinner/games. I've worked 19 days in a row now, so it is absolutely fabulous having a day off today!

Tomorrow after church I'm working at Fossil, going to small group, and then getting pumped for CHICAGO! I leave on Friday, and boy am I stoked. I'm going to see my college roommate and two other of my close college ladies. 

And as a bonus, the weekend after Chicago I'm heading to Birmingham, MI to attend a baby shower of a dear friend and then hitting up the outlet malls. I'm grateful to be able to go on these mini trips :)

Hope you're able to enjoy time with friends as well!

ps Is it crazy that I'm already getting excited for the Christmas season?


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