Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bedroom Update

WARNING: This post is overwhelmingly full of pictures!

I'm excited to share some minor updates in our bedroom. Since we moved into our home 8 months ago (woah!), we've been able to make our bedroom more cozy and cohesive at a relatively quick pace. Click here for pictures of this room before.

Now on to the new...

Post cards written to my Great Grandparents

Wedding vows

Santa isn't normally there :)

Scarves, scarves, and more scarves

Not that anyone really needs to know, but this hamper and chandelier are next on the list for the bedroom. Corey demolished our last hamper by tripping over it one night. That's my husband alright.

And to complete the room, we need a rug! Here are a few I'm dreaming of:

What rug would you vote for?


Beth said...

awesome updates! I love it! is having a 75% sale right now! I wish I had a reason to buy a rug :) you should check it out!

Leah Bradley said...

I love your new room! I didn't notice the vows tonight. So sweet. :)
I vote for the 3rd & 5th run.

Katie said...

Ugh... You inspire me! I always avoid decorating our bedroom! It seems to be the hardest!

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