Monday, November 12, 2012

Laughs with my Love

Corey and I had the opportunity to get away for our anniversary (the actual date is Tuesday). We didn't go far, but it was exactly what we needed!

On Friday Corey's Nana and her boyfriend were in town, so we had dinner and games with his family at our house. I'm learning that I really love entertaining. 

On Saturday we did some shopping, watched Michigan win at the last moment, and then went to PF Changs for a celebratory dinner. It was marvelous.

Sunday morning we dropped off the "kids" at Corey's parents house and went downtown Grand Rapids to the JW Marriott. We. had. so. much. fun. While downtown we...

got Biggby
watched TV
walked around downtown
window shopped
went out to eat for dinner
enjoyed the warm, windy weather
saw the new Bond movie (I loved it!)
watched Fraiser
Went to the Omlette Shoppe for breakfast

We seriously had a wonderful time being silly, not having responsibilities, and just thoroughly enjoying one another. We are so thankful we could go and that we could also take work off today. Here are some pictures to recap the weekend:

This weekend was just what we needed before heading into this week of conferences. And what better way to end a week that is going to be exhausting from work?

A couples massage! 

I seriously can't wait :)


Leah Bradley said...

I love that you guys laugh! You're such a great couple.
Enjoy your couples massage!!! V and I are getting one on our anniversary too... perfect.

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