Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

My friend Katie, at Tomorrow With A Smile, is hosting a link party with one of her friends to review this past year. I thought I would join along in the blog fun. While looking back I realized some months were packed while others were more transitiony...

We looked at our one and only house on New Years Day...and put it an offer on it Jan 2!
We found out the house was ours on Jan 5! Here is a before picture...

We packed and said our goodbyes to our view (the one bonus to our apt)

We moved into our house on a snowy day, and we painted almost every room. 
We used over 20 gallons of paint!
And the outside looks much better than the picture below...

We raised nearly $1,700 through our garage sale fundraiser for the Traffick Stop 5k!

My brother, Kevin, and I ran the Riverbank 5k

Corey, my parents, and I celebrated Mother's Day in Saugatuck, MI

We visited Stac and Adam (and other fabulous friends!) in Muncie, IN!

I started working at Fossil...and started spending more at Fossil ;)

We had friends over for Corey's birthday

The Reed family all went to a whitecaps game for Dad's 69th birthday

Corey and I had a blast visiting his mom's relatives in Pennsylvania with his parents. 

While in PA, I had my 2nd phone interview with Rockford Public Schools. 
I was offered a job with RPS on the rainy car ride home!

For my birthday, Corey and I each got new ink. Mine is a verse on my rib, so I don't have a stellar picture :)

Corey and I taught at an English-Language camp for high school students in Ukraine as a missions trip
Below is just a picture of a few of us leaders and translators

3 days after returning from Ukraine, we got Maggie!

My family went camping at Stony Haven, MI and tubing out to Lake MI!

Luna turned one!

I co-hosted a baby shower for a lovely woman in my small group

We had the 2nd annual 5k!

I started a new job with RPS! 
I love working at Lakes Elementary and Meadow Ridge Elementary.
Here is a picture of me with a co-worker for Halloween :)

I had a reunion with my college besties in Chicago...oh how I miss them!
(This is our classic pose).

Corey and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary with vacation in Grand Rapids
We had a glorious view at the JW Marriott!

I began my new workout routine of 4-5 days a week at the gym (and I've been sticking with it!)

I co-hosted an Expressions of Christmas table at church

We had a craft party/sleepover with nephews

We had an annual Christmas party with high school friends

All in all, it has been a wonderful year that we could not be more thankful for!


Allison said...

Looks like a very fun and busy year! Happy 2013!

Katie said...

Your year was PACKED! And seriously...only one house?! How did you get away with only looking at one? We must have looked at a million :)

I'm so glad I found your blog and can follow along and see how 2013 is for you...and if you make another trip to IN I may have to snag you away for a coffee date :)

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