Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Bundle of Boys

We had four of our nephews spend the night on Friday, and boy, it was fun!

We ate pizza from Fatzo's (yum!)
Made a super simple craft of filling ornaments with paint
Then they chased each other around the house (I seriously think they could do that for hours)
Maggie was dumbfounded by the 4 boys runnin' and hollerin'
We watched The Sandlot 
And then we settled in our "camp out" in the living room

Guess what happened next?

6am wake up call. Except I wasn't the one calling :)

Here are some photos:

It is always a joy to have the boys over, as well as watch them grow and play together! 
This past weekend we also celebrated Hunter's NINTH birthday. Wowza.

Their adorable new puppy, Murphy!

Hope your weekend was just as fantastic!


Leah Bradley said...

CUTEST Puppy! You guys look like you had a blast. So, do you want 4 boys now? :)

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