Friday, December 14, 2012

Mighty to Save

A heart break. 
Words truly cannot express the sorrow I feel for the students and families at Sandy Hook.

I work with students who have experienced trauma each day, but I cannot imagine witnessing anything so horrific--especially at such a young age. It is hard not to think 'what if that happened at my school or my nephew's school?'

This experience deepens my desire to spread Christ's love to all people. Not just the ones that are easy to love. I pray the Holy Spirit will give me courage and strength to do that better.

And I pray for those families. And the aggressor's family. 

Lord, we thank you that you are good. All the time. Encompass those families with your hope. Descend wisdom onto parents who have to explain the situation and professionals who investigate, counsel, protect, minister, and educate. May Your unfailing love be seen despite this tragedy. Have mercy on those affected, through your steadfast love (Psalm 51). Thank you for redeeming those you called, and allowing us to take refuge in You (Psalm 34). I praise you for giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit who can intercede and provide the words that I simply cannot. Amen.


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