Friday, December 28, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I've been reflecting a lot in the past month, and I have decided that this year I am going to make resolutions for new years...and be serious about them. 

Although I'm typically a goal-oriented person, I think new years resolutions are kind of lame. Who actually follows through with them? Well, this girl is going to attempt to!

Here are my goals for 2013:

1. Live a healthier lifestyle
2. Read the Bible in a year
3. Save more, spend less
4. Serve Corey more

Now that I have the goals, I need action plans right?

1. Workout 4-5 times a week. I've been doing this for the past month now, and it feels great! I run and weight lift 3 days, do a Zumba class one night, and then one day is only for running to train for the Riverbank Run. I'm also planning to run either a marathon relay or another half marathon in October 2013. Moreover, I've joined a fitness group with a friend, and I have Corey take my measurements bi-weekly rather than going solely by weight. (He was confused at where my waist was the first week :))

2. I tried reading the Bible in a year one time...and only made it to February. I think if I vary it by reading old and new testament each day it will be more profitable. And I know the fruits that come of it, so I am eager to be more consistent! Here is a plan I am following.

3. I cannot believe it's almost been a year since we've been in our house! We have definitely made it a home, but now it's time to put a halt on some items and begin saving for bigger projects like a new car. I started saving for retirement last year (and Corey started a few years before) which has been rewarding. However, in our personal account we plan to save so we can have more to give away. How do we do this? We revised our budget. We haven't been as hard core as Dave Ramsey or, but that is definitely something we plan to aspire to.

4. This week off work with Corey has been tremendous. I love it when we can take time to relax and just enjoy each other. I feel I can step it up in the wife category though. I plan to find ways to serve Corey each week. It may be as simple as meal with extra effort, a walk around the neighborhood, or more prayer time for him. He is a gem, and I need to treasure him more.

So those are my goals and plans. 
Will I fail some days? Absolutely. 
Will I give up? I don't plan to!

Do you have any goals you'd like to share? 


Beth said...

these look similar to mine! I love my bible app on my phone. It has a ton of reading plans and I can set it up for reminders. the one I have now has one chapter from the old testament, new testament, a psalm, and a proverbs. I love it :)

Leah Bradley said...

Holly! I love your action plans.
I would like to do a few of these with you. Want a buddy? :)

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