Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tis the Season

As a warning to all of my many readers (that was a joke :)) this post is really about nothing. I was just thinking the blog needed an update. Here's a little bit about what's happening in our lives...

I had a fabulous weekend off of work (yes, 2 days in a row!)
We saw A Christmas Carol musical on Friday
It. is. my. favorite. 
Mostly because I watched the Muppet version...
over and over when I was a wee one

I joined MVP again tonight!
My new running and weight lifting routine starts on Tuesday
Kevin (my fabulous brother) and I are only doing the 10K this year...
but I may do another 1/2 marathon or a full marathon relay in Grand Rapids in Oct 2013
Kudos to my BFF who is running another 1/2 in April (Go Stac!)

I started studying the Holy Spirit in our couples small group (Forgotten God by Francis Chan)
I've also started a different study on the HS in my women's group
I'm excited to see where the Lord will take me!
I've also found a read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan that I like, so I'm pumped for Jan 1.
Last time I tried one, I only made it through Feb 18...

Expressions of Christmas is this week! 
Alicia and I are decorating and hosting a table for this women's event at our church.
Our theme is "vintage modern" :)
We have home-made truffles, chevron, bows, lanterns, real greenery
Stay tuned for pictures!

We have a fall craft night with 4 of our 5 nephews each year (Carson is still too young)
However we accidentally forgot about it this year...oops
No worries though...the invites are out, and it's this Friday!
We'll have pizza, painting ornaments, movie/popcorn, and then...

I am excited to get back at Fossil on Saturday
As well as help with a friend's craft show
Just a few more presents to purchase and then our shopping will be done (woo!)

My oldest nephew, Hunter, is going to be NINE in a few weeks 
Yes, NINE. Crazy!
His party is this weekend. 
We're so excited to celebrate him

So many things to be thankful for and look forward to this Holiday season!
What fun things do you have planned this week?


Elizabeth said...

Did you go see Christmas Carol at Civic? Did you enjoy it? I really wanted to go, but I couldn't find time... and it's expensive. :) I ask because the people who played Captain and Maria when I was in Sound of Music last year are both in Civic's Christmas Carol right now - they play Marley and Mrs. Crachit. :)

Katie said...

So so fun! I can't wait until my niece and nephew are older and we can do fun things with them. And I can't wait to see your table :)

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