Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas!

What an amazing gift that God would have our savior come as a baby. So many times I overlook this, but it truly is incredible that God uses even what seems to be the most helpless beings as his vessels. And what a gift to spend this special time with family and friends!

I was able to celebrate with our girlfriends over the always, it was fabulous catching up and relaxing with the ones who know me best (and therefore, have put up with me the longest!)

We celebrated with Kenny/Jenny and Grandma/pa Osbeck over the weekend as well. Poor Kenny and Jenny had lost heat, so fortunately we were able to spend extra time with them.

Setting up the crib!

The Lord's creation of sun and snow amazes me.

On Christmas Eve, Corey and I had our traditional breakfast at Peppermill Grill and then spent the day/evening at his parents. It was nice spending some low-key time with them--including yummy food and a Hallmark movie. Christmas morning we made our own breakfast, and then headed over to celebrate with my family...again, delicious food, Madlibs, and nephews (that are getting way.too.old!).

Carson loves dogs

I love Corey's reaction to this Under Armour hoodie/pants set for Will :)
Corey: "Good, he can come to the gym with me"

It looks like Corey's wearing it, haha

This maternity hoodie makes me look extra large. But I was comfy so no shame!

Per Corey's request, I waited to take down all our decorations (i.e. the tree is still standing) rather than having everything packed up the day of this year. Today and tomorrow we are enjoying coffee/lunch dates with friends, registering for Will, working out and packing for our trip to FL with Corey's family.

Side note: The nursery is all planned out for a gray/navy/whale theme, and we have already ordered some items. I'm so excited to have that to look forward to when we return from FL and to share some of the updates with you!

How did you celebrate? 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We're having a...


On Wednesday Corey and I found out that we will be meeting William Courtney Osbeck come spring. The ultrasound was such an awesome, moving experience.  We were able to see his heart beat, see him yawn, chew/suck, wave, and cross his legs. We are absolutely thrilled and grateful--to say the least!

We told our parents on Friday by having them over for dinner. Corey pulled out a blue outfit from a bag. We decided not to do a gender reveal party with everyone since it was too close to Christmas/hard to find a date. Our parents reactions were stellar though :)

After telling our parents, we told the rest of our family and friends.

Here are a few pictures of our little Will...


His feet are 3.2 cm long, and he likes to kick/punch (Corey even felt some :))

The Lord is to be praised!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spare Bedroom Update

We decided to move our spare bedroom to the basement, and we've made some headway. My gracious mother-in-law painted the room for us while we were at work one day!



Craft area

Vintage bell and crystal jar with mints

Bookcase isn't center, and it's driving me nuts ;)

Vintage iron as door stop

Welcome basket

Spare bathroom
It's in need of a rounded shower curtain and a little bit of love

To finish the spare bedroom, I'd like to fill in the space to the left of the bed. It's not exactly center since we didn't want to cover up the vent. I'm thinking some kind of wall gallery or "wave" of pictures and plates.


In regards to nightstands, mirrored ones are my top choice for this room, but metallic are pretty too. I'm planning on a smaller size.


And next stop besides the nursery...
Clean/organize the embarrassingly messy storage room!

What nightstands would you chose?